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Date of release – 15.2.2024

Price – 14.99$

Supported platforms -Win 10+

Contact info – rembrosoft(at)

Website – /


Colonize is a combination of a survival game and building strategy that takes place during the colonization period – the 17th century. It tells the story of a settlement in the new world and all the difficulties encountered by the early settlers.

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The name Rembrosoft originates from the artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, as well as he, we take care of the details.

Rembrosoft is a game development company founded by the Timko brothers in 2014 and located in Slovakia. We have been employed by various developers around the world for more than 15 years. We worked as 3D, 2D artists and later as developers for UE3 and Unity engine.

rembrosoft s.r.o.

Stefanikova 20
Košice, 040 01


Established by veterans of the Polish games development industry in 2011 to fuse an experienced and professional approach to game development with creativity and freedom enabled by operating as an independent studio.
Today, CFG is a team of experienced specialists from gamedev life and talented newcomers full of energy and original perspectives. Since its founding, the Company has grown organically and believes in a sustainable and deliberate expansion.
CreativeForge Games is a development studio creating its own games for PCs and consoles.
With previously produced games, the Company used global publishers – partners responsible for promoting and selling products. According to the scope of agreements concluded with publishers, they bring expertise in media relations, marketing and sales, and their own contracts and agreements with broadly understood business partners.

ul. Bluszczańska 76/PAW. 6,
00-712 Warszawa