Colonize is a combination of survival game and building strategy that takes place during the colonization period – the 17th century. It tells the story of a settlement in the new world and all the difficulties encountered by the early settlers. Each city expands the possibilities of the game and increases the difficulty of the conditions of the game, such as the weather, the number of possible expeditions, and the size of the ship with which he trades with England.

Colonize has a total of six missions, six cities that the player must populate: Roanoke, Plymouth, Bermuda, Boston, Williamsburg, and Providence.

Colonize is a building simulation that centers on the economy, management of groups of the population, and city management. It is an isometric classic. The player gradually builds a settlement, a city that has a character of a city-state, with everything that goes with it. Gradually, you will make various building improvements, new raw materials, laws, forms of government, and city management.

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