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About the game

Colonize is a building simulation which centres on economy, population management, and city management. It is an isometric classic. The player gradually builds a settlement – a city that has the character of a city-state – with everything that goes with it. Gradually, you will make various building improvements, produce new materials, and decide on laws, forms of government and city management.

In Colonize you will have to establish colonies like Plymouth, Bermuda, Boston, Providence and many more!

Each city expands the possibilities of the game and increases the difficulty of conditions such as the weather, the number of possible expeditions, and the size of the ship with which it trades with England. In all colonies there will be more than 100 expeditions for you to help build the strength of your colony and discover the New World.

Key features

  • The player fights against hunger and weather!
  • Native tribes living in North America threaten your colony!
  • Trade with the King and watch out for pirates!
  • External missions to expand your game!
  • Reveal the story of the early colonies!
  • Manage your militia and council!
  • Be the first successful governor of the New World!